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En. Lang. Arts




Gr. 3-4

En. Lang. Arts

Gr. 3-4

En. Lang. Arts

Gr. 3-4

En. Lang. Arts

Gr. 3-4

Library 9:15


ESL, Newspaper, Committee Meetings


ESL, Newspaper, Committee Meetings


Student Council



ESL, Newspaper, Committee Meetings



ESL, Newspaper, Committee Meetings



En. Lang. Arts

Gr. 5-6

En. Lang. Arts

Gr. 5-6

Peer Mediation




Gr. 5-6

En Lang. Arts

Gr. 5-6

Library 12:45
Click here if you would like to see the learning objectives for Enrichment Language Arts

Welcome to the Nuuanu Enrichment Language Arts Website. We have some exciting projects this year.

Grades 3-4 - Their theme is Patterns. The students have examined patterns across the curriculum, which include reading, math, art, etc. They have looked at their own behavior patterns and used them to help understand how people use patterns. The overall goal is for students to use patterns in analyzing information, organizing their thoughts and writing, make predictions, and solve problems. They are also learning how patterns may not be helpful in the creativity process, and that sometimes they must know when and how to develop a new pattern.

One of the Hawaii content standards is for students to read and understand a variety of genres. We have read Bunnicula which is a story about a bunnny who has behavior patterns that cause him to be suspicious. It is a humorous account of what the family has to do in order to learn how to accept him. Another book we have read is Under the Blood Red Sun, which is historical fiction blended with the background of World War II in Hawaii. The students are analyzing how a story pattern is common to all genres and how each genre has its own unique attributes. These books not only examine cultural patterns, but they are also fine literary examples.

Students are learning how to use cooperative learning skills such as brainstorming, writing partnerships, and problem solving in working in groups. These skills and strategies can be used across the curriculum.

The 3rd and 4th graders are developing their writing skills by using the writing process of A)pre-writing (investigating the topic and generating ideas, word banks, and research) B)writing a rough draft C)revising by adding quality descriptive words, writing techniques, and description/action D)editing out grammar and spelling errors E)publishing the final draft. Below are 2 examples of paragraphs the students wrote using the writing techniques we are studying. The entire stories can be viewed in their Hyperstudio projects. They are an example of 'capture the moment' where the action is intensified by slowing it down and presented in animation form.


Right that second while I was tanning in Ala Moana Beach, something unusual happened. A flat wave started to form in some curled way. I was so terrified! The wave began to rise higher and higher as it slowly approached me. When it rose closer to me I startled in fear. I knew something horrible was about to happen as I glared at the suspicious wave. It rushed like a heard of angry bulls racing for a shiny gold medal. I screamed in terror like I never did before in my entire life! It began to boost faster as I shrieked.


By Kelianne Miyaoka Gr. 3

Boom! Ahh the plane is approaching us, everyone cried in terror. The plane zoomed down to the boat and started to shoot, the bullet was as loud as a sonic boom and it invaded me. The boat started to burn. Gillian and Gabi threw bombs as quickly as a cheetah could run. They kept shooting until they zoomed closer and dropped more bombs down.

By Alissa Geonzon Grade 4


Click here to see the writing descriptors that the 3/4 students developed for themselves.

They have each written a story which incorporates the attributes of a genre they selected themselves, Click here to see the Content Standards addressed in the Hyperstudio projects.

Here are their multimedia projects that they produced in the Hyperstudio program. Click on one of their names below to view a project. (Please note: These only work on Apple computers, and you must download the Hyperstudio plug-in first in order to view their projects if you don't have it on your computer.) Click here to download the plug-in.

Grade 3:

Sara Cody Veronica Nick Brianne Kelianne Andrew Danielle

Grade 4:

Gabi Taylor Haley Kylie Kendall Jarren Gillian Angela Leilani Alissa

Grades 5-6 - Their theme is Interactions. They are analyzing interactions across the content areas including reading, science, etc., so these include natural and man made interactions or chain reactions. They are examining how these interactions start, the multiple ramifications, and how one interaction can impact an entire system either positively or negatively. We use these understandings in the complex problem solving process of how to manage systems effectively. They have read a story named The Giver, which is about a system where the community has chosen to give up all of its experiences (thus, their wisdom and responsibility) to one person called the Receiver. He becomes aged and the community then chooses a new Receiver for all of these experiences. The new Receiver is presented with the choice of experiencing pain and pleasure and escapes from the community in order to become a 'real' person.

Students in 5th/6th grade enrichment have designed web pages (topics of their own choosing) which analyze what interactions occur in a system and what causes a system to break down.

Click here to see the Content Standards that configure this assignment. Their assignment was to research a system, explain how it works, and show how the components interact with each other. Click on any of the names below and enter their websites if you dare!!!!!!!!!!

Grade 5:

Nick Matthew Sayumi Elle Lance Jake Chaz Jared Sam Ben

Grade 6:

Andrew Vincent Chelsea Caitlyn Alyssa Taylor Max


The students developed their own evaluation rubric for their websites. Click here to see how they graded themselves.

Enrichment students are responsible for the school newspaper. Alyssa and Caitlyn are the editors, and they assign the topics, oversee the writing, and proofread all articles. Then they put the articles together, run off the paper, collate, and supervise the distribution to the school. The school paper can be seen by clicking on the newspaper from the main page for Nuuanu School.

Enrichment students also go out to the classrooms to videotape activities and bring their tapes back and edit.


Linda Mitchell Language Arts Enrichment Teacher Nuuanu Elementary School