Kids Saving Our Future

Our 3rd grade (E-1) class decided to create a Native Hawaiian Plant garden in the back of our library. The purpose was to beautify our campus and to preserve some of the Native Hawaiian plants on our island.

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We started the project by figuring out what we knew about Native Hawaiian Plants and what we exactly wanted to find out about them. Each student picked a Native Hawaiian Plant or flower to do research on. Some students picked plants that were familiar to them, while others chose plants that they knew very little about.

We went on the computers to do research via the Internet. A lot of the web sites did not have enough information on Native Hawaiian plants or some of them were just too hard for us to understand. That's when we decided to ask experts on Native Hawaiian plants for help. Our vice-principal, Mr. Hanaike, is a former science teacher. He had extensive knowledge on Native Hawaiian plants which he shared with us. Mr. Hanaike generously let our class borrow his own library of Native Hawaiian books. We were able to complete our research and have lots to share about our plants.

Next, we wrote letters to Mr. Stan Oka who works for the City & County and is in charge of the greenery you see around the island. He graciously donated most of the Hawaiian plants we studied, as well as, others we didn't. During this time, we asked a parent from our classroom, Mr. Jones, to till the soil so it would be ready for planting. Mr. Jones did a great job in getting the soil all prepared for our plants.

The best part of this project was getting our hands dirty! We worked in groups to dig holes and pick weeds around our garden. Then we carefully planted all of our plants and flowers. Mr. Hanaike supervised us so that we planted each one properly. We also created a watering schedule so that our plants got enough water to grow big and strong.

Each student created a multimedia project on Hyper Studio to present to the class their information about their plant or flower. Our Hyper Studio projects contained at least five cards. The first card was the title page. The second card contained our information about our plant or flower and also a picture of it. Some of us drew pictures, while others found pictures on the Internet. The third and fourth card was designated to inform others about how to protect our Native Hawaiian plants. The last card was our credits and thank you's. Each card had buttons. Some students even added sound and animations to their cards.

After completing our Hyper Studio projects, each student came up with their own rubrics and evaluations for them to be graded on. Our evaluations included communication, writing, and technology standards. We passed it out to our classmates right before presenting our project. After the evaluations were completed, we collected them and tallied them up. The final tally sheets were turned in to our teacher Mrs. Tanimura for our final grades.

If you would like to see more of our Hyper Studio projects, then click on one of their names below to view a project. (Please note: You must download the Hyperstudio plug-in first in order to view their projects if you don't have it on your computer. Click here to download the plug-in.)




We would like to thank many people for making this project possible. Mrs. Linda Morikone for including our class in her grant. Mr. Kelvin Chun for helping us with the technology and putting together this video. Mr. David Hanaike for supervising our planting and sharing with us his knowledge on Native Hawaiian plants. Mr. Stan Oka from the City and County for donating some of the beautiful plants and flowers. Mr. Jones for tilling and preparing the soil. Mrs. Fujioka for allowing us to use the campus for our project and obtaining some of the plants from Takano Nakamura Landscaping Co. and lastly our custodial staff who will continue to care for the plants.

We hope you enjoyed our presentation, "Kids Saving Our Future". Thank you for watching and remember to protect our plants by picking up rubbish or even planting them in your own backyard.

3rd Grade Native Hawaiian Plant Garden


1. Mamaki (Tea Plant/Native Endemic)


3. Ilima papa (Flat Beach Ilima/Indigenous)

4. Naupaka Kahakai (Beach Naupaka/Indigenous)


6. Naupaka Kahakai (Beach Naupaka/Indigenous)

7. Naupaka Kahakai (Beach Naupaka/Indigenous)

8. Naupaka Kuahiwi (Mountain Naupaka/ Native Endemic)

9. Hao (Yellow Hawaiian Hibiscus/Indigenous)

10. Pohinahina (Beach Vitex/Indigenous)

11. Pohinahina (Beach Vitex/Indigenous)

12. Pohinahina (Beach Vitex/Indigenous)

13. Pohinahina (Beach Vitex/Indigenous)



16. Hao (Yellow Hawaiian Hibiscus/ Indigenous)

17. Hao (Yellow Hawaiian Hibiscus/ Indigenous)





22. 'Akoko (Chamaesyce celastroides / Native Endemic)

23. 'Ala Ala Wai Nui (Pepperomia Beach Native Endemic


25. Palapalai (Hawaiian Hay Scented Fern/ Native Endemic)



28. Kalo Ulanui (Hawaiian large red taro/Native Endemic)

29. Kupukupu (Hawaiian Sword Fern/Native Endemic)

30. Kupukupu (Hawaiian Sword Fern/Native Endemic)

31. Kupukupu (Hawaiian Sword Fern/Native Endemic)

32. Kupukupu (Hawaiian Sword Fern/Native Endemic)

33. Kupukupu (Hawaiian Sword Fern/Native Endemic)

34. Kupukupu (Hawaiian Sword Fern/Native Endemic)

35. Kupukupu (Hawaiian Sword Fern/Native Endemic)

36. Kupukupu (Hawaiian Sword Fern/Native Endemic)

37. Kupukupu (Hawaiian Sword Fern/Native Endemic)

38. Kupukupu (Hawaiian Sword Fern/Native Endemic)

39. Koki'o Ke'oke'o (Hawaiian White Hibiscus/Native)

40. Koki'o Ke'oke'o (Hawaiian White Hibiscus/Native)

41. Koki'o Ke'oke'o (Hawaiian White Hibiscus/Native)

42. Koki'o Ke'oke'o (Hawaiian White Hibiscus/Native)

43. Koki'o Ke'oke'o (Hawaiian White Hibiscus/Native)

44. Koki'o Ke'oke'o (Hawaiian White Hibiscus/Native)

45. Koki'o Ke'oke'o (Hawaiian White Hibiscus/Native)

46. Koki'o Ke'oke'o (Hawaiian White Hibiscus/Native)

47. Naupaka Kahakai (Beach Naupaka/Indigenous)

48. Naupaka Kahakai (Beach Naupaka/Indigenous)

49. Naupaka Kahakai (Beach Naupaka/Indigenous)

50. Naupaka Kahakai (Beach Naupaka/Indigenous)

51. Naupaka Kahakai (Beach Naupaka/Indigenous)

52. Pohinahina (Beach Vitex/Indigenous)

53. Pohinahina (Beach Vitex/Indigenous)

54. Pohinahina (Beach Vitex/Indigenous)

55. Pohinahina (Beach Vitex/Indigenous)

56. Pohinahina (Beach Vitex/Indigenous)

57. Koki'o Ke'oke'o (Hawaiian White Hibiscus/Native Endemic)

58. Koki'o Ke'oke'o (Hawaiian White Hibiscus/Native Endemic)