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Masks / Traditions

Grades 3-4 - Their theme is Traditions. The students have interviewed members of their families to find out their ethnic backgrounds, what their family values are, and what traditions (American and others) their families practice. We have read 2 stories: The first one is Under the Blood Red Sun by Graham Salisbury. It is about a Japanese boy who lived in Hawaii during WW II and copes with rivalry, prejudice, and war. The second book is The Land I Lost by Huynh Quang Nhuong. It is about a Vietnamese boy and his cultural patterns during the 1950's. These books not only examine cultural patterns, but they are also fine literary examples.

The 3rd and 4th graders are developing their writing skills by using the writing process of A)investigating the topic and generating ideas, word banks, and research B)writing a rough draft C)revising by adding quality words, writing techniques, and description/action D)editing out grammar and spelling errors E)final draft. Below are 2 examples of why we like to live in the U.S., particularly in Hawaii.

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The students have been looking at the patterns of story writing which include character development, place setting, problem, climax and solutions and to write stories of their own using the same writing techniques they are observing in good literature.

Click here to see the writing descriptors that the 3/4 students developed for themselves.

Students are learning how to use cooperative learning skills such as brainstorming, writing partnerships and problem solving in working in groups. They have each written a story which incorporates traditions from a foreign country and writing techniques they have learned in class, Click here to see the Content Standards addressed in this assignment.