Achieve 3000's KidBiz 3000 - Home Edition

Now your child can improve his or her reading skills at home with the same great technology program we're using in school: KidBiz3000. This is our school-wide Reading Improvement Program for every Nuuanu Elementary School student. There are currently over 230 DOE public schools K-12 in Hawaii using either KidBiz or TeenBiz.

Each day (Grades 2-5), KidBiz3000 sends your child a current events article. Every student in the class gets the same basic article, but the content is customized to match each child's own reading level. The article comes with a variety of fun activities to improve your child's comprehension, vocabulary and writing skills. Please ask your child to show you this program as it can be accessed at home - or anywhere a computer is connected to the Internet by going to:

Nuuanu School's Website (and click on the KidBiz 3000 links)

or the direct link for

Kidbiz 3000

Site login:

The Home Edition keeps parents closely involved in their child's progress, enabling parents to monitor, reinforce literacy skills at home and also to communicate with their child and child's teacher via the KidBiz email. This is a great way to build the Parent/Home Reading Connection.

For more information on how to use the Home Edition, here is the Parent Handbook.

Parent Partnership

For more information on Kidbiz 3000, please see, Achieve 3000's website for a detailed description.


Extend your involvement:

Your Achieve3000 account allows you to stay in contact with your child and his teachers. Logon to your e-mail each week for a printable Conversation Guide. There is a brief summary of each daily article and guided questions to help spark engaging discussions about real-world topics at home.

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