What: Interactive Video Conferencing to a Mainland TV Station

Where: Nuuanu Elementary When: Friday, May 21, 1999 at 12:30 pm

Questions From the Students at Nuuanu Elementary


We received a whole list of questions from Nuuanu

Elementary in Honolulu. Leo only has time to answer

one question on TV, but we liked these questions so

much we decided to answer some more. It was such a

hard decision that we had Leo pick a few more out of

one of his silly hats. Here they are:


Q: Now that computers are continually being

improved, will the future generations still "hand write"

things? -- Maya


A: We sure hope so. Even though email is easy and

fast, a hand-written letter can mean a lot more. It's more

personal to receive a letter or even a note that

someone has taken the time to write. Many scholars will

tell you that the first written words were found almost 8,000 years ago. Compare that to the computer's short life of only 60-something years. We think you'll see people hand-write things for a long, long time.


Q: What kind of technology do you think the future will

have and how are they being thought of? -- Ann


A: As with many inventions, new technologies begin

with an idea. Either there is a problem to solve, a way to

make things easier, or something that needs

improving. Once the idea exists, experimenting and

inventing takes place.

21st century technology continues at Nuuanu Elementary School. Thanks to advances in technology, the children at Nuuanu School will be able to interact in a "virtual world" using their video camera, the computer, internet, and an innovative television station in San Francisco: ZDTV. The broadcast will be nationally televised. Nuuanu School will be part of their Netcam Week II segment (see below).

Throughout the year, the Nuuanu technology club did a weekly interactive broadcast on Fridays. Classrooms are able to send answers to questions from the closed circuit broadcast through their computers.




Interactive Television's Most Interactive Week Gives

Viewers a Chance to Appear Live on TV


States airing broadcast



San Francisco, CA - May 13, 1999 - ZDTV, a unit of Ziff-Davis (NYSE: ZD),

today announced the celebration of Netcam Week II, May 17-21. Throughout

Netcam Week II, the 24-hour cable television channel about computers,

technology, and the Internet will celebrate the interactivity between TV

and the Web with an exclusive giveaway of 3Com's( (NASDAQ: COMS) brand new

digital netcam.


"ZDTV stands alone as the only television channel dedicated to showcasing

new technologies by encouraging viewers to create their own interactive

television experience," said Greg Drebin, ZDTV Senior Vice President,

Programming and Production. "Through our partnership with 3Com, ZDTV

viewers are able to actually make television right along with us."


A leader in interactive television, ZDTV utilizes the latest technologies

to seamlessly integrate television content with the Internet via its Web

site, ZDTV.com. Via netcam, a small camera hooked up to a computer,

viewers can appear live on ZDTV from their home or office, creating a

completely new way for viewers to experience their TV in conjunction with

their PC.


"We are thrilled to be providing 3Com's newest digital cameras for ZDTV

viewers to showcase the best of what convergence has to offer," said Robert

Hudson, video manager for 3Com's Personal Communications Division. "We

couldn't ask for a better partner to illustrate the fun, creativity, and

versatility of using 3Com netcams- ZDTV has taken the innovative

application of using Web-based cameras to a new level."


Each day during Netcam Week II, ZDTV will give away 3-Com's new netcams to

viewers who register to win at ZDTV's integrated Web site, www.ZDTV.com.

Each day entrants can enter to win the new netcams by clicking on all seven

golden netcam pictures hidden within the Web site.


Throughout the channel's history, ZDTV has invited viewers to send in video

mails (vmails) thereby encouraging everyone to become ZDTV

"correspondents." ZDTV interacts daily with its "Netcam Network,"

representing schools, senior centers, leaders in the technology industry,

and families all over the world.


ZDTV will celebrate Netcam Week II with special programming and a

comprehensive online and on-air promotion of the give-away. Programming

highlights include:


* Call For Help features an interactive quiz about netcams, as well as an

overview of netcam-related projects from middle and high schools.