Common Core State Standards - Timeline

Kaimuki-McKinley-Roosevelt Complex Area --- SY 2010-2011; 2011-2012

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Follow up required by schools

January  2011



State Rollout Overview Training for ELA and Math

Facilitators: Dewey Gottlieb and Petra Schatz

Principals and CCs


    The CCSS Initiative Website

[All Mathematics and ELA Common Core Standards]

    English Language Arts Curriculum Framework Document-Appendix B- Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Tasks

    English Language Arts Curriculum Framework Document-Appendix C-Samples of Student Writing With Annotations

    English Language Arts Curriculum Framework Document-Appendix A- Research and Recommendations Supporting Each Strand of the CCSS (including a glossary of terms)

    Expository Writing Unit - Argument Essay [High School]

    Expository Writing Unit - Definition Essay [High School]

    Expository Writing Unit - Definition Essay Unit Map [High School]

    Expository Writing Unit - Proposal Essay [High School]

    Expository Writing Unit - Reflective Essay [High School]



    CCSS Powerpoint from Educational Leadership Institute (Oct 2010)

[Overiew of CCSS implementation in Hawaii]

    CCSS Intro -- Ppt from OCISS Statewide Training Sessions (updated 3-10-11) 

[An introduction to the common core state standards initiative with “Shifts” of Mathematics and ELA.  Petra Schatz and Dewey Gottlieb – Speakers]



    The Hunt Institute and CCSSO Common Core Implementation Video Series 

[Link to a series of 30 video vignettes commissioned by The Hunt Institute and the Council of Chief State School Officers  that explain the Common Core State Standards in greater depth to help states as they implement the new Standards.  Speakers are Common Core Writers - David Coleman, Susan Pimentel, Professor William McCallum, Jason Zimba, Ph.D]

    An Introduction to Text Complexity 

[This is an introductory video to the different elements that comprise text complexity. New York City DOE]


February- April 2011



School level  Rollout CCSS or ELA and Math Overview to staff; poll conducted as to teachers’ increase in understanding

Facilitators : Principals and Curriculum Coordinators 



    View the 7-step Common Core Implementation Process Model

[Hawaii DOE model]



    CCSS for Mathematics -- Ppt from OCISS Statewide Training Sessions -- Elem & Sec combined (updated 3-10-11) 

[Increased understanding of the CCSS domain progressions,

Standards for Mathematical Practice, and CCSS-HCPS III Crosswalk documents.  Dewey Gottlieb – speaker]

    CCSS for ENGLISH/LANGUAGE ARTS -- Powerpoint Presentation for OCISS Statewide Training Sessions 

[Deeper understanding of the Big Ideas in the CCSS ELA - text complexity and nonfiction writing: the argument.  Petra Schatz – speaker]


    Text Complexity Video

[Petra Schatz presents a three part model for determining Text Complexity -Qualitative, Quantitative, Reader and Task.  Students from Palolo Elementary are highlighted readers.]

    Common Core State Standards Lead ELA Writer- Susan Pimentel-Part I

[Common Core Writer Susan Pimentel’s presentation in Hawaii addressing Academic Vocabulary, Text Complexity, Text Dependent Questions, The Written Argument.  Links below are organized by questions that were asked during a Q & A session]

    Common Core State Standards Lead ELA Writer- Susan Pimentel-Part II

    Powerpoint Presentation by Common Core Writer- Susan Pimentel-Literacy and the CCSS

    Pimentel- Academic Vocabulary Video

    Pimentel- Literacy Standards Video

    Pimentel- Text Complexity Video

    Pimentel- Text Dependent Questions Video

    Pimentel- The Written Argument/Opinion Video

    Engage NY Video Resources

[NY Education Commissioner John King, David Coleman and Kate Gerson explain every key aspect of Common Core standards in depth. 15-part series]

    Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

[Drafts of possible assessment examples from SBAC.  Kent Hinton, Administrator, Student Assessment Section –speaker]


April  2011



Principals fill in survey monkey as to their completion of the overview rollout and the level of growth

( for RTT data)




Feb- May




Schools train teachers in examining  crosswalks between HCPS and CCSS

Facilitators : Principals and Curriculum Coordinators 



    Mathematics Grade K -- CCSS-HCPS3 Crosswalk (12-19-10)*

[Includes Critical Areas of instructional focus and crosswalks.]

    Language Arts Grade K-HCPS III Crosswalk (updated May 19, 2011)*

[Alignment of CCSS and HCPS III]

    a -- Grade K CURRICULUM FRAMEWORK for CCSS Mathematics *

[Explanations of Mathematics Common Core State Standards and HCPS III standards that should be continued until full implementation of CCSS.]

    d -- Mathematical Practices -- Cause-Effect Template

[Understanding the Standards for Mathematical Practices: Implications for Instruction – staff development activity]


May 2011

Principals fill in Survey Monkey as to their completion of Crosswalk trainings at the school level ( for RTT data)






August  2011



KMR/FKK Contracted Vendor trainings for K-2 teachers based on their text series in  ELA & Math


Evaluations collected for RTT reporting and given to principals for School level follow up

All K-2 teachers for both trainings ELA and Math

Complex SRS and RTs train along with the teachers

    Vendors provided crosswalks of their particular texts as well as other pertinent materials  (eg , IAAK provided  the pamphlet: Common core State Standards  Toolkit; Harcourt provided websites, McGraw Hill provided website resources not McGraw Hill but useful)

    Contact  Terri  Keola or Charlotte  for more information

Principals review their school level Evaluations for planning school level follow up activities

August 2011 to present

Schools participate in or reference Webinars and materials posted on Standards Toolkit


Facilitators: Principal and CCs,




    Recording of K-2 CCSS Mathematics Webinar (10-11-11)

[Increase understanding of the progression of addition and subtraction expectations in grades K-2.  Dewey Gottlieb, speaker]

    Powerpoint for K-2 CCSS Mathematics Webinar (10-11-11)

    Progression Handout for K-2 CCSS Mathematics Webinar (10-11-11)

    Recording of ELA CCSS Grades 11-12: Text Complexity

[Understanding of the CCSS Major Shifts, 3Dimensions of Text

Complexity, Importance of Text Dependent Questions.  Petra Schatz, speaker]

    Powerpoint for ELA CCSS Grades 11-12: Text Complexity


    Recording Deconstructing Standards Process, Grades k-12

[Build awareness of how deconstructing standards makes learning targets clear for both teachers and students.

    Powerpoint for Deconstructing Standards Process

    Recording of Academic Vocabulary

[Increase understanding of vocabulary instruction in relation to the

Common Core, learn various vocab,  learn various vocabulary strategies to use in the classroom.]

    Powerpoint for Academic Vocabulary


    Gr K -- Recognizing-Representing-Comparing numbers*

    Gr 1 -- Understanding Place Value*

    Gr 2 -- Addition using the PARTITIONING strategy*

    K.RF.1a *

[Assessment tasks for all CCSS reading standards K-2]


    1a -- Meaning of the Equal Sign VIDEO

[Grade 1 Lanakila teacher demonstrating a lesson aligned to CCSS]

    1b -- POWERPOINT: Teaching the Meaning of the Equal Sign

    1c -- Meaning of the Equal Sign INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN

    1d -- Meaning of the Equal Sign EXPLORATION TASK

    1e -- Meaning of the Equal Sign EXIT PASS

    College and Career Readiness Promising Practices Waiakea High School and UH Hilo


September 2011


KMR Principals Over view : the Principals role in supporting the Common Core Standards

Facilitated by Common Core Institute CEO Kevin Baird

KMR Principals

    PPT made available  to principals.

    Book:  Common Core Lesson Planner and Pamphlet : Common Core Standards Toolkit



    Performance Task Sample Grade 3 ELA-Tooth Traditions

    Performance Task Sample Grade 7 ELA-Video Cameras in the Classroom

    Performance Task Sample Grade 10 ELA-Education


October /November 2011

Honolulu District Sped Training on CCSS overview and what it means for sped RTs, speech pathologists

Facilitated by Common Core Institute

Sped DESs, RTs and Speech Pathologists



November 2011

State High School Mathematics and ELA Department Chairpersons Training

Facilitators:  Dewey Gottlieb and Stacie Kaichi, Petra Schatz and Monique Datta

High School Mathematics and ELA Department Chairs


    Expository Writing 1 & 2

[CCSS aligned course standards  and reading list]

    Creative Writing 

[CCSS aligned course standards]


[CCSS aligned course standards and reading list]


    a -- Powerpoint (DH meeting) 

[CCSS  overview, Mathematical Practice, Common Core shifts,

Modeling Our World Courses]



Oct 2011 - Present

Schools use standards toolkit resources and Webinars for staff training

Facilitators: Principals and
Curriculum coordinators



   Recording of Mathematical Practices 3-8

[Build an understanding of the Standards for Mathematical Practice]

    Livebinder link for Mathematical Practices 3-8

    Powerpoint for Mathematical Practices 3-8

   Recording of Text Dependent Questions - Elementary (Go to 1:16 for beginning of the session)

[Build understanding of the CCSS shifts, 3 dimensions of text complexity, importance of text dependent questions]

    Powerpoint for Text Dependent Questions - Elementary

   Recording of CCSS for Literacy in the Content Areas

[Purpose of CCSS for Literacy, overview of Literacy Standards in content areas, alignment among content areas, suggested activities]

    Powerpoint for CCSS for Literacy in Content Areas


   Grades K-5 CCSS: An Overview of the Big Ideas

   Grades 6-8 CCSS: An Overview of the Big Ideas

   Grades 9-12 CCSS: An Overview of the Big Ideas

   Mathematics Grades K-2 -- CCSS Domain Progressions

   Mathematics Grades 3-5 -- CCSS Domain Progressions

   Mathematics Grades 6-8 -- CCSS Domain Progressions

Online Resources

   The Gates Foundation Common Core Curriculum Mapping Project

[A few free samples to review, access to the entire site for a fee]

   List of Common Core Resources

[Links to other States/School Districts CCSS documents]


   ELA Kindergarten Common Core video

[A Sunset Beach Elementary School teacher conducting a lesson

addressing CCSS reading standards.]

    ELA Kindergarten Common Core lesson plan

    ELA Kindergarten Lesson Observational Assessment Rubric

    ELA Kindergarten lesson plan text - Little Honu's Journey


December 2011




   Grades K-2 Mathematical Practices – Webinar

The powerpoint has not be uploaded

   Recording of Literacy Standards in Science

    Powerpoint for Literacy Standards in Science

    Livebinder link for Literacy Standards in Science


January/Feb  2012

 State K-2 Training in Math (1 day) and ELA (1 day)

Facilitators:  Dewey Gottlieb and Stacie Kaichi, Petra Schatz and Monique Datta

2 school level  leaders  per school

   Math Book: How to Assess While You Teach Math


   ELA: K-2 Formative Assessment Draft distributed;  hard copy to be sent to schools when done


   Shifts in the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy

   Text Complexity-Qualitative Measures Rubric-Informational Text

   Text Complexity-Qualitative Measures Rubric-LiteraryText

   Text Complexity-Task and Reader Considerations


   K-2 Powerpoint 

[ELA one day training on the CCSS shifts and assessment tasks posted to Hawaii Standards database site.]


January 2012

State (Pearson) HS Algebra End of Course Exam training  on ADP (American Diploma Project) standards

HS Math Chairpersons




January 2012

KMR K-2 Math training for Grades K-2 teachers (optional)

To review overview, deconstructing standards, identifying power standards, activities , +/delta


   Edmodo Home Page

Materials posted on Edmodo Site Access to participants


+/delta posted in Jarrett for review by principals for follow up

Online Resources

   Kentucky Department of Education Deconstructed ELA Standards

   Ohio Model Curriculum ELA

   Arizona CCSS Mathematics by grade level

   Delaware CCSS Math

   Connecticut CCSS Priority Standards

   Illuminations NCTM Math Lessons


February 2012




   Recording of this Webinar (Hawaii's Standards Toolkit Site and other Web Resources

[Provides an awareness of websites which share resources for schools

and teachers implementing CCSS]

    Powerpoint of Feb 7 Webinar in pdf

   The Written Argument – Webinar Feb. 14


Online Resources

   Success At the Core – Leadership Development

[Free resource, Middle School examples]

[DOE Memos – Smarter Balanced Item Specifications 2/2/12]


March 2012

State Common Core State Standards Training Session for High School Mathematics Teachers:  “Math Class Needs a Makeover” with Dan Meyer

High  School Math teachers  4 per school



April /May 2012

State Grade 3-8 Math training

(1 teacher/grade level)




March or April 2012

KMR/FKK  Grade 3-8 ELA training :

 l person per grade level 














Summer 2012 and follow up dates

State contracted Blackbelt training for Data Coaches &  l  person per complex Area

Data  Coaches and l per complex area




Follow-up on feedback from State April/May 2012 Gr 3-8 Math Training





State Math Instructional Materials Review;  list of CCSS aligned math texts to be issued